Monday, February 23, 2009

A Trip To Remington

My husband, Mike, and I went to Remington, Indiana, this past weekend to visit my sister and her family. My sister, Michelle, and her two girls also went too. We left on Saturday morning and got to Remington about 12:30. It was so fun to play with all the kids!

I got to give Brittany and Ashley their birthday presents. Brittany turned 13 and Ashley turned 10. They grew up so fast! They all showed us what they are learning in school and all their projects. Brittany showed me all of her beautiful art projects, she is very talented. She takes an art class at the AC church school.

It only took me a little while to win Natalie, who is 2 yrs. old, over this time. She's a little shy at first but if you read her a book, she will love you forever. She even let Mike read her a book! Mike had a lot of fun playing with Brendan. They played Brendan's racing game on the computer and some wild games of basketball in the basement.

It was so nice to be able to spend a little time with all of them! We wish we could have stayed longer!

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