Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Tennessee Vacation

Mike and I got back from Tennessee yesterday afternoon. It was an enjoyable trip despite the rain. The first part of our trip consisted of going to Ohio for a wedding. We stayed with Mike's sister Jen and her husband Jeff on Friday and Saturday night. It was nice to see their house and spend a little time with them. On Sunday morning we left for Tennessee and arrived at our cabin around 5:30.

Our cabin was very cute, although Mike wasn't happy with the steep road that we had to drive every day to get there. My poor car!! So much mountain driving!

Anyway, we spent most of our time hiking and driving places. We saw a lot of beautiful waterfalls and streams even though sometimes we had to hike in the rain. Two days we spent in town and at our cabin because they were calling for thunderstorms, and it's not fun being on a mountain when it's thundering and lightning. We ended up hiking about 21 miles in the 4 days that we were able to hike.

The highlight of our trip was definitely the bears that we saw. It's a good thing I don't use film anymore because I would have wasted a whole roll on just the bears! We saw them in Cade's Cove, which is an 11 mile loop that you can drive or walk. There are a lot of old buildings in this area and there's a good chance you'll see wildlife too. Here's just a few pictures that we took.


  1. i love the pics! glad you had a great trip and that you made it home safe! =)