Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little behind in blogging...

So it's been over 2 weeks since my last post. I wish I had something more exciting to report, but sadly I do not.

I'm excited that summer has finally arrived, although I don't enjoy the humidity that has come with it! I was threatening the other day to move to Montana where the humidity is nice and low! It can be 90 degrees there and it isn't bad at all. The plus side of the heat is that it makes the water in Phil & Jessica's pool perfect! I went swimming for the first time this year on Saturday. It was most enjoyable, although I did manage to slightly burn myself. Hopefully I'll get to go swimming more this year than last year.

Oh and we had quite an entertaining family picnic a few weeks ago when we caught a snapping turtle at our lake! Mike was fishing when he saw the turtle just off the shore. So naturally we put a piece of hotdog on a big hook which was attached to a roll of string and threw it in the water. We tried this a few times, but he swallowed one hook and got away with the hotdog several other times. So we decided that just a shovel might be more effective and finally got him out of the water. My dad was happy that we caught him because they can really clean the fish out of a lake.

I'm also really excited about the all the fairs and tractor pulls coming soon! Of course we will be going to the Hopedale pulls since that's where we met each other 3 years ago. :) That's it for now, try to keep from melting in this heat!

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  1. so if you ever want company while you're swimming... give me a call! :P