Monday, August 17, 2009

New House!

Some of you have probably already heard, but we are buying a house!! The house is in Morton and is located behind my aunt and uncle's house. We weren't really looking for a house yet, but it is a family friend that is selling it so it just kind of worked out.

The house is older and needs quite a bit of updating, but that's what we wanted. Mike is really excited about the two car garage and I'm excited to decorate my own house! I will post some pictures before we start to work on it. There is some lovely hot pink carpet, purple carpet, shiny floral wallpaper, and much more to be excited about! Thank goodness I have a husband and dad that are so good at fixing things! So if anyone wants to rip some wallpaper off, give me a call! We are closing on it in the middle of September!


  1. WOOHOO!!!! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! Definitely post pictures when you get some time!! :)

  2. nice! let me know when you need help- I just love tearing off nasty wallpaper. :)