Saturday, April 10, 2010


Mike and I have been keeping busy working in our yard the last couple weeks. Mike cut down three trees because two of them were not very healthy looking and the other one was hanging over our driveway. He made me quite nervous when he was up in the tree! He would stand on a branch and hold onto another branch with one hand. The chainsaw would be in the other hand as he cut the branches off. I'm very thankful he didn't hurt himself, although we still have at least one more to cut down.

We also had a lot of work to do with trimming bushes, cleaning out flowerbeds, ect. It's been fun seeing what comes up in our flowerbeds and what our bushes look like when they bloom since this is our first spring at our house. I'm also hoping to plant a few vegetables in one section of our flowerbed.

All this yard work unfortunately has put the inside of our house on the back burner. We still have another coat or two of paint to put on the kitchen. Also the hardwood and tile still have yet to be installed.

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