Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, again!

It's Monday, again! How does it come so fast? Where does the weekend go! Nothing too exciting happened this weekend, as usual. Saturday I went to Michelle's for the day just to hang out and scrapbook. Of course we got more talking done than scrapbooking. That night Mike and I went out to eat with our friends, Keith and Angela. We went to TGI Friday's in E. Peoria, and then we drove to the riverfront by my office to check out the flooding. Then we watched a movie.

Sunday was pretty uneventful; we went to Mike's aunt and uncle's for dinner. Then we watched Fireproof. I can't say as I was too impressed, but oh well. This morning I had to get up at 5:15 to go to Michelle's to babysit and get her girls ready for school this morning. She works one day during the week and my mom usually stays there but she was sick this morning. I don't do well with no sleep and really early mornings, especially on a Monday! Hopefully I can keep myself awake today. The things we do for family!


  1. what? you weren't impressed with Fireproof? wow.

    you have to agree it was better than Facing the Giants...

  2. It was better than Facing the Giants, but still not real impressed. The 40 day thing is a good idea for someone in that situation though.