Wednesday, March 11, 2009


One of the interesting things about working on Peoria's beautiful riverfront is the occasional flooding that takes place. The company I work for moved our office to the riverfront in April 2008. Since then this is the third time it has flooded. This past year has been unique in that it doesn't usually flood this bad in a period of just one year. Our building is thankfully up on a platform (next to Joe's Crab Shack & Old Chicago) whereas the River Station is not. So our office is safe from the flooding, but our parking lot gets covered in a couple feet of water.
Back in September we couldn't come to work for two days because the water was covering the lovely and somewhat scary scaffolding that is set up for us to walk on. Yes, scaffolding. It is set up so we can get in one of the stairwells. When it flooded after Christmas, we were off for the holidays anyway so we weren't affected. When we came back our parking lot was like and ice rink.

Anyway, here we are again this morning with a flooded parking lot. Thankfully it doesn't smell bad like it did in September (the smell of nasty river water and dead carp). It wasn't in our parking lot last night when we left work, so the river came up very quickly last night. You would think that people would be smart enough not to leave their car parked where it is going to flood, right? But there are two cars parked by River Station that have water up to the headlights.
The good news is that there is a possibility of a day off tomorrow depending on the rise of the river levels! Here are some pictures of when it flooded in September; it's not quite this high yet, but it's getting there.